TRAVEL: Destination Wedding Photography

Where will your destination wedding be?

Exploring + adventure is my number one passion. This is why I became a destination wedding photographer! I will come to wherever you are near or far, or we can plan a trip to a far away place & be best friends & adventure + explore together. My hubs is a videographer as well, so he could come along & make it a super rad double date. I provide killer deals for weddings, elopements, or shoots to couples inquiring from outside of the great state of Oklahoma >>
take me with you & let’s adventure! See more on the blog.

January: Kauai, Hawaii
March: Acamilpa, Mexico + Austin, TX + Auckland, New Zealand + Marfa, TX
April: Dallas, TX
May: Bend, OR + Austin, TX + New York + Yosemite National Park + Switzerland
June: Cologne, Germany + Austria + Andover, NJ
July: Cabo, MX + Lake Chelan, WA + Juneau, ALASKA
August: Salt Lake City, UT + Oaxaca, Mexico
September: Duluth, MN + Boise, ID + Maui, Hawaii + Baltimore, MD
October: Houston, TX + Austin, TX + IRELAND + Scotland

we can explore + create together.

Come join me wherever I am! Or I would love to come along with you on your next adventure & document your love! Use the contact button below to tell me all about your plans!

Let's Take Off

Past Adventures

U.S.                               Ireland                    Belgium
Mexico                         England                   France
Costa Rica                   Turkey                     Canada
Germany                     Greece                      Thailand

Switzerland                 Italy                         Indonesia
Bahamas                      Spain                       Vietnam

South Korea                      Antigua
Japan                                 Belize
Norway                             Morocco

Sweden                              Croatia
Denmark                           Australia
Netherlands                     Peru

Iceland                              New Zealand