Small Business Creative’s Guide to Finances


For SO many people, the worst part of being self-employed and a small business owner is the financial / accounting / taxes side of things! It can be the most stressful and anxiety-filled part of what we do, especially when tax season hits!! That’s why I created this guide! Because I know the idea of doing taxes, saving for retirement, tracking expenses, etc. can seem like such a daunting task, but for me, when it is done and done the correct way it eases all of that stress and anxiety and I hardly bat an eye when it’s time to pay taxes, because I’ve saved and prepared for them + implemented all the ways to save money on taxes! Last year I saved over $12,000!

After reading through this guide, you will have a better understanding of your finances and where your money is going / what you can afford! So many people mention how they feel like all their money is going to expenses and they can’t tell what’s left. We want to change that with the guide by helping you plan out your income and where you should be investing and saving your money! This way, at the end of the day, you actually know how profitable your business is and how much you can spend on doing the fun things you want to do in life!

Every single bit of information in this guide is entirely approved by my amazing CPA, and now friend, Michael! Throughout the guide you will see viewpoints from his as well going into more detail on certain topics!


Hoping to file your taxes correctly this time for 2019? Want to save as much money in taxes as possible? I saved over $12,000 last year when implementing these changes for my business!

Who is it for?
Any and ALL small business creatives (photographers, videographers, planners, graphic designers. florists, etc.)!!

Why $175?
This guide should MORE than pay for itself with the tips and advice included for saving money as well as earning more money on interest ever year! Invest a little now to save a lotttt more later!

What’s included / covered?
4 complete checklists to refer to as you go through the guide & for easy implementation!
Business Management Checklist
Personal Finance Checklist
Expenses Checklist
Saving Money Checklist
– ALL info 100% approved by a professional CPA as well as viewpoints from him on almost every topic!
– Saving for Taxes
– ALL the tips for saving money on taxes!
– Saving for retirement as a self-employed business owner
– Sales Tax (and how it applies to you)
– Invoicing + Expenses
– Credit Cards
– Sub-contractors (second shooters, assistants)
– Company Legal Structure
– Charging for travel
– Quickbooks & write-offs

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